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Why are Americans moving to Playa del Carmen?

You wake up and realize that you are only a few steps away from a turquoise Caribbean beach nestled in Paradise! You work remotely at a US company and have a few thousand bucks in your checking account and know you will receive your next paycheck in a few days, while living in PDC where rent is cheaper, food is delicious and networking with all kinds of ppl from different paths of life are an everyday experience. These are some of the most popular reasons why Americans choose to live in PDC.

Playa del Carmen is a big tourist destination. A city that caters to over 305,000 residents and more than 16 million visitors per year. With 98,000 lodging rooms representing more than 80% of the hotel occupancy in the Riviera Maya, PDC has given much to talk about, especially since the pandemic, within the expat community and all around the world.

Life in the states is chaotic and stressful, the times there seem so bizarre politically and culturally. Here in PDC life is good, Life is a Beach! Not having high living costs and being able to work remotely relieves that stress. In addition to that, being able to enjoy a destination with tons of natural beauty and rich human connections make everyone that visit this place, dream of living here permanently.

It is important to add that not only Americans choose PDC as their home away from home. Canadians figured out the weather here is perfect year round, our coldest winters drop to upper 60's, and their money too here stretches farther and wider.

Argentinians, Italians, Israelis among other nationalities make PDC an even richer, full of opportunities destination for All of Us.

Do you agree with my perspective? Are you an EXPAT living in Playa del Carmen? Please share with me your thoughts!

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